Sunday, June 21, 2009

gambar breast bunga cinta lestari

Hairan tengok dunia sekarang nie, kawasan larangan pun nak promote kat media. Apa pun caya lah Bunga Cinta Lestari berani lah dia nie.
How to Look and Feel Great After Breast Cancer
When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer it is often a life changing moment. A combination of emotions can, in varying degrees, overcome many women - fear, anxiety, shock, concern for their loved ones and trepidation when they consider what is to come - the treatment and then the after effects of that treatment on their self image.

Treatments have come a long way and improvements are constantly being made by health professionals with tremendous work being done by various charities in the field. Often one area that is neglected to some extent is the after effects on a womans image of herself. Post-surgery women have come through a deeply difficult period in their lives and need support from loved ones and the health professionals. However, why have women been confined in the past to buying what are purely functional mastectomy bras that lack the vitality, luxury and design of the lingerie that many of them previously wore prior to surgery? Surely, at no time in their lives have they needed more to feel a deep sense of joy when they look in the mirror. Post surgery breast cancer patients should see that not only do they still look beautiful but their life and their sex life can remain unchanged.

Great breakthroughs have been made in the provision of attractive, highly functional, designer lingerie. Mastectomy lingerie requires a much greater level of design input to ensure that all relevant criteria are met.

The lingerie has to cover any scar tissue without damaging or irritating it and therefore special fabrics are used with Aloe Vera infused. The prosthesis has to be easily accessible but completely secure to prevent riding up or loss of the prosthesis and therefore the Pocket Release System PRS has been designed to prevent undue movement. And to help women recover from the mental trauma of surgery it is important that the lingerie is attractive and elegant in order that a woman can return to their life with as little disruption or change as possible.

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