Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gambar Yasmin Hani dan bf at phi phi island

Over at the San Francisco Chronicle's excellent travel section, Cherilyn Parsons visits beautiful Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, and asks, "Wasn't there a tsunami here only three years ago?"

There was. On the day after Christmas, 2004, a tsunami ravaged the island of Phi Phi, driving tourists, and tourist dollars, away. For a year, most of the visitors to the island were backpackers who helped clean up the rubble, as documented in Brook Silva-Braga's fantastic documentary A Map for Saturday.

Parsons writes that the island looks much like it did pre-tsunami, and that locals are trying to move past that sad part of their recent history. When she asks one hotel owner how business was affected by the tsunami, she gets her answer:

"'How many nights you want stay Phi Phi?'

In other words, 'Why should I dwell on my past when I can sell a room to help my future?' That attitude was an answer."

Here's the full article, and accompanying photo gallery.

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