Monday, February 23, 2009

Gambar Kekasih Baru Farid Kamil

Esok bakal berlangsung Pelancaran Megadrama terbaru Astro yang akan menampilkan pelakon Farid Kamil dan Lisa Surihani. Bercakap tentang Farid Kamil, sekarang ini sedang hangat dikatakan bercinta dengan seorang gadis. Bukan Lisa Surihani, tetapi gadis lain. Nampak macam mesra… mungkin kekasih, mungkin teman dan mungkin juga sedara Farid Kamil.
Reason Why So Many Women Have Generic Online Dating Profiles
Any man who gets the basics of what it takes to get a response from women online will soon to begin to realize that a lot of women don't offer up too many details in regards to what it is that they are looking for in a man.

Often times all you will get are basic generalities that sound great but in terms of creating the kind of first email that is going to get a high response rate, not so much.

A common question that men like this will ask me is why women do such things and as a man how what can I do to create the kind of interest that will get a woman like that to respond since a lot of the more attractive women appear to be doing this.

First off, there are two main reasons why so many women essentially provide men with absolutely no information in regards to what they are looking for in a man or what they are interested in for that matter.

1. There lives outside of work and/or taking care of their kid(s) consist mainly of frequenting online dating sites and going out on the dates that result from them.
2. They have been online long enough or simply are smart enough to know that the more information that they give the greater the likelihood of them to attract the kind of man that isn't who he really says he is.

As for the first kind of woman, my advice deals mainly with the kind of women that are going to empower your life and quite honestly while there might be some good ones in that group just realize that a meal and a good time is what most of these women are after when they have the time.

In regards, to the second group this is where the kind of life that you truly have is going to come into play and there are two ways that you can attract these kinds of women.

1. Create the kind of profile that is going to compel the kind of woman that you want to attract to respond.
2. Stop spending so much time on online dating sites and begin living the kind of life that you want and start approaching and interacting with the women that you come into contact with doing so.

Personally, living the kind of life that you want to attract women is the most appealing to everyone, however, if you insist on using online dating for whatever reason know that there are some additional resources that are available to you and all you have to do is ask.

Teddy Shabba is a Coach for men who has written a special report on the DateLess Method which will help you attract women in a very natural and powerful way.

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