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What Should You Do Before Your Surgery?

Research is the most important thing you should do before selecting liposuction. Begin by reading articles, reviews and testimonials posted on different blogs, forums and community sites. If you have any friends, relatives, or family members that have undergone this particular surgery, take time to ask them relevant questions. Never rush into making your decisions. Whether you like it or not, you need to have a specific and well laid-out plan before proceeding with any liposuction procedures.

Liposuction can lead to death. For this reason, choosing the best plastic surgeon in town should be your top priority. Never rely on instinct; do your research all over again. There are many top-notch license surgeons everywhere and all you need to do is look for them. In most cases, your surgeon will evaluate your overall medical history before he or she tells you if you are really physically fit for liposuction.

If you are fit enough, your surgeon should provide you various reading materials and instructions on what you need to do before the surgery. It's a common rule not to smoke a month before your surgery. This no-smoking policy will help lessen the possible complications during the liposuction procedure, which includes chest infection after administering your anesthesia.

What Will You Do After Your Surgery?

You will feel an extreme form of stress and sore after a liposuction procedure. For this reason, you should ask someone to take care of your needs. If you have children, it's better to have a nanny or your relatives watch over them.

Usually, your plastic surgeon will ask you to wear compression garments after your surgery. There are a variety of compression garments available in the market. In fact, there are those specified for traditional or open drainage. Wait for advice from your plastic surgeon before removing the compression garment. Exercise will also help you recuperate faster but you still need to wait for further instructions before doing so.

When you are healed, you still need to see your surgeon for monthly check-up. This is to make sure you are experiencing the good benefits from the surgery and avoid any serious complications. To avoid confusion, jot down all your important appointments with your surgeon

Your overall health must be your top priority after your liposuction procedure. Make sure you contact your surgeon anytime you need his or her immediate help. Your surgeon is your friend, tell them everything. Never keep a secret. These surgeons are trained to understand your physical and emotional outbursts while undergoing recovery.

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