Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Writing Wedding Vows - "Jumping the Shark"
When you write your unique wedding or commitment vows in shared conversation infusing a dream into them and promising what you will do to keep that dream alive, you are 'jumping the shark.'

'Jumping the shark,' is a phrase that came as a result of an old Fonzie episode on TV.

It's accepted meaning is to do something radical and unusual to get back on course. But there are negative connotations also. Some definitions would say that it's all over 'when the Fonz has jumped."

However, what those descriptions do not seem to take into account is that after that episode where the Fonz actually jumped on water skies over a shark contained in an enclosure, the show went on to produce 100 more episodes!

I want you to 'jump the shark' even before a jump is needed.

I want you to get very clear about the dream you have for your marriage. (That's the core of my philosophy.) But I also want you to talk about an experience that sooner or later is going to come up in your marriage so you can include an antidote in your wedding vows:

You are going to find yourself going off course.

You are going to realize that your relationship is in danger of becoming mediocre.

You will realize that your relationship needs an infusion of intimacy, energy, laughter, and conversation.

Take all this into account when you sit down together to talk about the dream you have for your marriage and write your vows. Be honest with each other that sooner or later your relationship is going to need a little reinvigoration; that you are going to need to give it a little boost.

I am suggesting that you to 'jump the shark' now and build that course correction into the writing your wedding vows.

"But, Rev. Linda," you say. "We are so madly in love. That's not going to change!"

I want remind you that divorce statistics prove otherwise: Fifty percent of 1st time marriages will end within 4 years. 2nd and 3rd marriages don't even fare that well.

Somehow those couples who were madly and gladly in love fell sadly and madly out of love!

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